Why do people smoke?

Nowadays, smoking is one of the most widespread addictions of the XXI century. Many smokers want to give up smoking, but it’s quite hard to do so. It is almost impossible to make someone to give up this addiction, and a smoker must have at least the desire to give up cigarettes. Even the most expensive medicines, courses, various therapy sessions do not help.

It’s no secret that smoking brings great harm to the body. At every smoker, smoking affects differently. Someone brings the body habit quite easily, while others, even after a short period have shortness of breath, coughing, and other unpleasant symptoms.

smokingSomeone is sure that smoking should be given up in a moment, while others believe that the process should be gradual so as not to experience stress and avoid a nervous breakdown. The more a person smokes, the harder he gives up this bad habit.

The reasons why it is difficult to refuse cigarettes for a smoker can be different. In some cases, it is the dependence of the organism on the substances contained in tobacco – nicotine (among the others the tobacco smoke contains also carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, isoprene, acetaldehyde, acetone), in other cases it’s rather psychological dependence than physiological one. It is understood that the smoker is less dependent on nicotine, than on the smoking process. For many people, the process of smoking is some kind of way to escape. A lot of people smoke to make a small pause, to think, and to relax. Often, this way saves people involved in intellectual work, and the ones who need a short break to bring thoughts in order and to have a little rest. Many people smoke before an important interview, meeting, or after a certain stress, conflict, and strife. So everyone has his or her own reason.

Recent studies have shown that about 90% of the people who gave up smoking start doing it again. Among more than 30 million people who quit smoking at least 70% resumed smoking after the first attempt, but subsequent attempts to give up this harmful habit failed completely.

As many doctors say – do not start smoking. This addiction could begin from the moment you try your first cigarette. No matter what is printed on the packets about the dangers of smoking, no matter how horrific and frightening are the photos printed on them clearly showing what results does smoking leads to, it is hardly likely that someone will quit.