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First hard-on after 50minutes through taking the Eriacta and the erections associated with steel very easily lasted regarding 8-10 several hours. My spouse doesn’t know I have used Eriacta but has been pleasantly surprised by about 6 ‘full on’ times during intercourse in 10 hrs!


Indeed I had moderate negative effects so I most likely could not utilize it each day. Moderate head aches, sinus blockage and fatigue.


I has been hesitant to consider Eriacta as a result of a number of the reviews concerning health problems after taking Viagra, however MY PARTNER AND I attempted it as soon as possible. I required the Eriacta at 5. 30 pm. I experienced nothing till 6. 15 pm, At 6. 15 pm, I experienced some warmth in my body, together with slight fullness during my head. At 6. 40 pm, I met the partner and I got her to room, I experienced relatively difference in human body, I felt hard-on for very long time but right now right after taking Eriacta, I can contain the erection after condom and may do great sex as well.


I experimented with Eriacta yesterday for the very first time and has been shocked by exactly how successfully it worked. I am 59 as well as accomplished the most powerful erection I have experienced in many years. Now I am experiencing the headaches as well as eyestrain described, but making love like a teen was worthwhile.


At 96 I personally use it when my spouse will i want to, if you know the reason! In my age group I will only purchase 10 pills of Eriacta at any given time. Don’t wish to leave any kind of behind when I go! Works more effectively before meals or earlier in the morning. Have had head aches and lack of vision however I’m on my personal last lap any how.