Effects Of Long Term Alcohol Use

Alcohol is usually the solution to many a problem. We usually turn to it when we are stricken with stressful issues and are in need of a quick fix. While we do this, we know that alcohol will fix nothing, but we still drink. It usually has a sort of “drowning sorrows” effect that we […]

Treating Male Pattern Baldness

There are different ways to treat hair loss in men. One way to do so is by use of Finasteride (which goes under different marketing names such as Propecia and Proscar). Finasteride is medication that is used not only for the treatment of MPB (male pattern baldness), but BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) as well. Benign […]

Weight Lifting And Jumping Exercises Can Reverse Osteoporosis And Loss Of Bone Mass In Middle Aged Men

Men lose bone mass gradually as they grow old. This greatly exposes them to a risk of osteoporosis, a serious condition in which the bones become very weak and brittle. Over ten million men have the condition while over 16 million others suffer from low bone mass. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have […]

Causes of Baldness Among Men

A bald is condition associated with hair loss. It occurs mostly when natural and gradual process of hair loss and subsequent replacement is tampered with by certain factors. These factors inhibits the growth of hair in some parts of the head hence poor replacement mechanism. Balds are however associated mostly with men even though there […]

Why do people smoke?

Nowadays, smoking is one of the most widespread addictions of the XXI century. Many smokers want to give up smoking, but it’s quite hard to do so. It is almost impossible to make someone to give up this addiction, and a smoker must have at least the desire to give up cigarettes. Even the most […]

Man vs. prostatitis

Men who attend fitness centers and gyms regularly are usually very well aware of the anatomy. They also know well the features of the structure of the muscular system, which they are working hard on. It is also well known, with what delight a fine half of mankind can treat muscled men. But we have […]

Testosterone preparations: risks for heart

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department, which monitors the quality of drugs, has announced new information concerning the side effects of preparations containing testosterone. According to the findings of the research carried out by FDA staff, taking these drugs is associated with an increased probability of cardiovascular diseases arising. Testosterone is one (and […]